Teaching Philosophy

I believe the best way to teach economics is through applied real world examples in an active environment. My pedagogical approach is to challenge students by asking questions and utilize classroom activities that reiterate the learning objective. This is especially important when teaching econometrics or statistics – the power of these tools is not clearly visible in theory alone, but also through application. Students also learn better when objectives are repeated in different ways – data collecting at the lecture, interactive websites, short videos at home, writing reports, and problems sets. Learning is best applied in a community of active and engaged students. My goal as a teacher is to foster this kind of environment.

Current Courses


ECO240 Quantitative Analysis

ECO400 (Fall) Senior Capstone in Economics

ECO270 (Spring) Economics of the Internet

ECO396R (Fall) Python & R for Data Analysis


ECO590 Python & R for Data Analysis (Spring) Github notes can be found here

ECO585 Applied Econometrics (Fall)

Teaching Experience

Maastricht School of Governance, Master of Science in Public Policy

Introduction to Statistics (Fall 2014), TA

Introduction to Data Science (Fall 2015)
Feel free to request the syllabus and do files (Stata)

Introduction to Econometrics (Fall 2014 and 2015), TA

Intermediate Econometrics (Parallel Course to Intro to Econometrics) (Fall 2015), TA

Maastricht School of Governance, GPAC (PhD Program)

Intuition to Panel Data (Short Course 2017)
You can find the syllabus here
Feel free to request the do files (Stata)

Introduction to Stata (Short Course 2017)
You can check out the do files based on the course on my Github here

UNU-MERIT, (PhD Program)

Introduction to Python for Economists (Short Course 2017)
For jupytr notebook with the Python code, see my Github here

I am happy to provide teacher evaluations for all courses when available/applicable

Courses I never taught, but prepared a syllabus and hope it’s some use to the world:

Micro for a Digitized Economy (Graduate Level)
Applied Microeconomics – Digitized Economies

Applied Empirical Microeconomics of Economics (Graduate Level)
Applied Microeconomics

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